Mybility All Terrain Wheelchairs are market leading and truly all terrain. They comfortably and safely handle many challenging terrains including: Mud, Grass, High Kerbs, Steep Slopes, Steps, Cobbles, Sand and even Snow.

Due to their extreme manoeuvrabilitythey can handle tight indoor corners and are perfect for use at home because they are also kind to carpets and floors


We offer standing and non-standing models which are suitable for adults and kids aged from 5 years. The wheelchairs are also suitable for elderly users. Whatever your disability or medical condition it can be individually adapted to meet your needs. See our website for our range of adaptations.

The wheelchairs come with a 5 year parts and labour general warranty. and a phenomenal 10 year frame warranty to reflect the high standards of our manufacturing. The range holds all relevant EU safety certificates and is the only UK 4 wheel drive wheelchair that has been crash texted for use as a seat in a car. It also comes with a full range of extras as standard.